The Band

Keyboards, Saxophone & Vocals

As legend would have it, Gregg Allman is credited with finding our young Mark and bringing him out of the wilds of the SF Bay Area music scene and onto the tour bus. After a few years touring with Gregg Allman and Friends, the noticeably corrupted musician learned the ways of Pink Floyd and left the Blues world to launch House of Floyd. The rest is history!

Guitar, Lap Steel & Vocals

The gravitas emanating from that black Strat is none other than Alameda's own guitar extraordinaire, Pat Potter. It's because of his talents on guitar, lap steel, and vocals that House of Floyd puts up with his endless jokes and puns. Pat is also a fabulous cook and world renowned expert on how to best cook gill-bearing aquatic vertebrates. Streaming live from his hotel hot plate, watch for him on the cooking channel.

Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Greg is one busy guy! When he’s not performing with HOF his dance card is full! He has a passion for teaching, so he developed guitar books and videos on YouTube entitled, The Guitarists Guide to Improvising with Knowledge. If that’s not enough, he also works for RockSmith creating music video games designed to teach guitarists how to improve their skills. Finally, in his spare time he’s also recorded and released a number of singles, plus his own solo album entitled Lost and Found. Phew, we get exhausted just watching!

He may be the new guy on the stage, but don’t under estimate his ability to WOW you with his talent. A solid driving bassist who plays the heartbeat within the music. He’s got a grip on that bass and those Floyd songs are going down! We call him the “exterminator” because he kills it on stage every night!  We’re not sure where he learned to play like that, he might just be cool, but we’re glad he’s joined HOF.

Drums, Vocals

Known for his great timing, Stewart keeps the HOF pulse strong despite the fact that he's a south paw! Having previously toured with Chubby Checker, Stewart continues to do other projects while also teaching young musicians to play drums. Note: if you see Stewart circling a buffet or roaming hotel halls late at night while banging a cracked cymbal, don't approach! Instead, report his location to House of Floyd.