The Band

Keyboards, Saxophone & Vocals

As legend would have it, Gregg Allman is credited with finding our young Mark and bringing him out of the wilds of the SF Bay Area music scene and onto the tour bus. After a few years touring with Gregg Allman and Friends, the noticeably corrupted musician learned the ways of Pink Floyd and left the Blues world to launch House of Floyd. The rest is history!

Guitar, Lap Steel & Vocals

The gravitas emanating from that black Strat is none other than Alameda's own guitar extraordinaire, Pat Potter. It's because of his talents on guitar, lap steel, and vocals that House of Floyd puts up with his endless jokes and puns. Pat is also a fabulous cook and world renowned expert on how to best cook gill-bearing aquatic vertebrates. Streaming live from his hotel hot plate, watch for him on the cooking channel.

Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Greg does everything with Knowledge!  Whether he's, singing, soloing, tuning, or simply putting away his guitar, it's always done with Knowledge. Greg selects every guitar sound or keyboard patch to achieve just the right Floyd sound with Knowledge. As a guitar instructor he teaches his students to play with Knowledge. Now every guitarist can succeed with Knowledge by getting Greg’s books. For a sneak preview check out various videos on YouTube.

He may be the new guy on the stage, but don’t under estimate his ability to WOW you with his talent. He’s got a grip on that bass and those Floyd songs are going down! We’re not sure where he learned to play like that, he might just be cool, but we’re glad he’s joined HOF.


Known for his great timing, Stewart joined House of Floyd just in time to sign on for the 2012 India Tour! Despite the fact that he's a south paw, he can still play Floyd in the style of Nick Mason. In addition to teaching young musicians to play drums, Stewart has been seen roaming hotels late at night while banging a cracked cymbal. If you see him, don't approach!  Instead, report his location to House of Floyd


Despite the fact that Sheri thought Great Gig In The Sky sounded like a bunch of screaming when she first heard it, she has since embraced the song and made it her own. She just can't figure out why the audiences doesn’t sing along. We don't have the heart to tell her that it's not that kind of song.

ANGIE Montgomery

Angie has been with HOF off-and-on since the beginning.  Although she's taken several sabbaticals over the years, she keeps finding her way back to her spot on stage with The House. She must have been born under a lucky star, because she always seems to be in the right place at the right time. We're hoping some of that magic rubs off on the rest of us.

The Crew


Front of House (FOH) Engineer

Originally from England, Robert began working for International Entertainment Services (IES) in 1973. During his career he’s toured with Traffic, Procol Harum, Jeff Beck, Julie Collins, Al Green, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Sweet, The Who, Steve Harley, Cockney Rebel, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Humble Pie Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Jethro Tull, Yes, The Rolling Stones, and he also worked with Pink Floyd on The Wall. Then in 2003, Robert established Looney Limey Productions (LLP) Sound Systems and began providing high quality sound systems for concerts, festivals, and special events. He also continued touring with the Squeeze, English Beat and Cheep Trick. 

Today when he’s not doing FOH Sound for House of Floyd, he’s on the road with the Tubes. We’re still trying to figure out why he’s hanging out with us, but he’s cool so why ask why?



This dynamic duo is responsible for the lasers, cool videos and visual effects that accompany our shows. They work hard behind the scenes to add the awesome visual effects that goes along with the music. Without this power couple, we’d just be another tribute band. Give them a shout-out when you see them at a show, they’re the bomb!





Merchandise Sales Representatives

Don’t be shy, these two ladies have you covered when it comes to HOF Merchandise! Look for them in the lobby or in a cozy corner at our shows. They’ll hook you up with everything a person needs to show they’re a fan of HOF. They even take credit cards!

The Band Alumni

Since 2005 House of Floyd has been performing for enthusiastic Floyd fans. As our show evolved, so has our roster of fantastic musicians.

With much gratitude and thanks we would like to acknowledge those former band mates who have contributed so much to our success:

  • JOE BARTONE - Guitar, Lapsteel, Keyboards, & Vocals 
  • EDDIE BERMAN - Drums
  • BILL COONLEY - Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals
  • MELLISSA HARLEY - Vocals & Percussion
  • DAVE KOCKINIS - Guitar
  • LOU PORTELA - Bass & Vocals
  • MARK TRUJILLO - Bass & Vocals